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Blood Management :

Blood Transfusion Set(CR-401)
Features :

  • ABS Strong and Sharp Tip Spike with Special design for easy piercing
  • Easy Filtration filter
  • Transparent Kink Resistant PVC and soft Medical grade tube
  • Extra Soft tubing suitable for Transfusion Bags
  • Flexible and Transparent Drip Chamber
  • Lure Slip or Lock Adaptor, suitable for IV Cannula/Catheters
  • For Gravity feed only use
  • ETO Sterilized and individually packed with chemical Indicators
  • arterial imgBlood Transfusion Set
  • venous imgFilter
  • Drip imgRoller
  • Drip imgDripper

Product Details:
BrandProduct CodeTube LengthInjection SiteNeedlePouch Packing
H-LifeCR-4011500 mmLatex Bulb 18G X 1.50”Flat Sterilization heat seal pouches with indicators
H-LifeCR-401 - -