by Admin | 21/07/16


“MAKE IN INDIA”, the biggest brand created by India is the new buzz word in the international business circles.  Companies from all over the world have realized India’s market potential, the biggest opportunity of which lies in rural India. It is no longer an agrarian economy. More and more industries are coming up in rural areas. However, there is still a huge rural-urban divide in infrastructure, education, healthcare, skill set and employment. Yet why should these companies look at rural India? How can they contribute to rural India’s growth story and make them the engines driving our nation?

“The future of India lies in its villages” – Mahatma Gandhi

Rural India has immense potential in manufacturing and services sector. It is the biggest untapped market for industries. Around 68% of India’s population lives in rural areas, out of which, 69% are aged under 35 years. This makes the rural populace an untapped human resource with tremendous potential. Roadways and electrical grid connectivity to rural areas has improved leaps and bounds over past few years. Companies should capitalize on low cost man-power and other abundant resources available in rural areas. This will not only help in reducing their manufacturing costs but will help the local economy to become self-sustainable.

Keeping this in mind we set out to build our manufacturing unit in a rural location.

How are we at B&A Health contributing to rural India’s growth?

B&A Health, Medical Device Manufacturing Facility in Chinnarevalli,TS-INDIA

B&A Health has set up an international standard medical devices manufacturing facility in Chinnarevalli village near Hyderabad in Telangana. As a part of our short term plan, we have already employed man power from the surrounding villages. Over time, we will provide necessary skill training to upgrade them to skilled workforce. We have joined hands with CIPET (Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology) for all training activities. We desire to develop an in-house skill development facility in the next phase. Planted more than 1500 saplings around our facility to conserve environment. Also, represented villagers for bringing a State Bank of India branch and ATM to bank officials.

School children planting saplings on plantation day

In the long run, projects like upgrading local school infrastructure and standards by introducing interactive programs will be taken up. We will encourage college students to participate in our apprentice program to get real world experience.  Company has plans to tie up with telemedicine program providers to ensure people in the village receive basic health facilities 24x7. Similar arrangements will be established for farmers who need additional information on farming.

Current healthcare facility and school in the village

We have just started and have a long way to go before we can accomplish all the goals that we set out to achieve. We are open and happy to join hands with businesses who would like to contribute to our vision of improving infrastructure, healthcare, education, skill set and employment by creating a self-sustainable economy in rural India.  

We have triggered a self-sustainable economic movement by starting an industry and are awaiting for more industries to join thereby creating an industrial ecosystem.

“What goes around comes around. Keep your circle positive…”